R.I.P Squat
R.I.P Squat
R.I.P Squat
R.I.P Squat
R.I.P Squat
R.I.P Squat

R.I.P Squat

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Our R.I.P Squat is similar to a V-Squat/Power Squat, Tru Squat, and Hack Squat.

The main difference is our design keeps your torso vertical throughout the entire movement, taking loads of pressure off your lower back. (Similar to a Tru Squat)

A V-Squat moves in an arcing motion, think of a clock going from 12 to 6. This imitates a regular squat movement, which pushes your butt back over your heels and “folds you over” hinging at the hips, activating hamstrings and glutes.

Our R.I.P Squat moves in a linear motion similar to a Hack Squat that pushes you forward closer to your toes, targeting your quads.


Benefits & Details of our R.I.P Squat:

  • Unique movement path that keeps your torso upright during the movement
  • 1.25" Diameter Handles
  • Stainless steel weight sleeves
  • Polished aluminum diamond plate platform 
  • Footprint is approx. 7.5’ x 4’ (L x W) 
  • Two (2) starting positions 
  • Four (4) adjustable stop heights

Version 2

Product is MADE TO ORDER; meaning manufacturing for product begins once order is placed based off customer's specifications (color selection, etc.). 


Demo Video of Proper Machine Use:

All demo videos are available on our Youtube Channel! Click Here!

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