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Powder Coat Color Selections

Don't see a color you'd like?

Check out Prismatic Powders. Once you have chosen the color you'd like, send us an email for a quote!

Prices may vary depending on color selection per product. 

Color Selection

Gloss Black

Example: Accent Color Of Machine Is Gloss Black

Matte Black

Example: Main Color Of Machine Is Matte Black

Gloss White

Example: Main Color Of Machine Is Gloss White



Gloss Red

Example: Main Color Of Machine Is Gloss Red

Metallic Cherry Red


Example: Accent Color Of Machine Is Metallic Cherry Red

Gunmetal Gray

Example: Accent Color Of Machine Is Gunmetal Gray

Super Chrome

 Example: Machine Color Is Super Chrome

 Platinum Silver

Example: Accent Color Of Machine Is Platinum Silver

Clear Coated Bare Metal

Example: Machine Color Is Clear Coated Bare Metal

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Disclaimer: There may be discrepancies for all colors. Color match between the color chart and paint / powder coat on products may be slightly different due to lighting, thickness of coating, etc. The color chart provided will be matched as accurately as possible, but should only be used as an example. View all photos for each product to ensure color selection for main and accent colors are correct. Some products may not be completely powder coated due to product functionally, constraints, etc. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

Example: Main And Accent Colors On Standing Lateral Raise