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High Quality Gym Equipment That Is Made In The USA!

Our current lead time for a one (1) machine order is approximately 7 to 9 weeks. 

Current lead time for handles / attachments is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. 

We provide discounts on orders of three (3) or more machines! Email us to get a custom quote! Only valid for payment plans, paid during manufacturing.

Updated On June 01, 2023


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If you'd like a payment plan for your order, please email us at or fill out our Contact Us Page.

We are now offering a financing option. There is a limited amount of financiers that we will allow at one time. This process will be first come first serve. We will have a waitlist. Once a financing slot is open and a customer is on the waitlist, we will contact those next in line. Please email, DM us on Instagram, or fill out our Contact Us Page to be added to the waitlist or to see if a slot is open.

About Us

Our company is a small family owned business that manufactures specialized gym equipment. All of our products are made in the USA. They are designed, and tested by everyday gym goers.

We continue to evolve our designs to ensure that someone who is 5 feet tall will be able to comfortably utilize a machine that is also suitable for someone who is 6 feet tall. We strive to provide high quality products with undeniable details and designs. Realizing that each and every person is unique, we design products with multiple adjustments.

We always do our best to help our customers. Whether they've lost bearings, broken some bearings, need new end caps, etc. Customers who have purchased from us know that we do all we can to take care of them. We continue our customer service even after an order has been paid for and delivered. We typically respond to emails and messages within hours, or less than a day. We also tend to respond 7 days a week, not just during the work week.

We are here to change the fitness equipment industry.

We take pride in our products and value our customers! Thank you for supporting our small business!

RMW Death Row

Traditionally, T-Bar Rows are on a fixed movement path. Our swiveling handle keeps the unused grip out of the way for a full contraction. The pivoting handle allows freedom to target different parts of the back. 

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Standing ISO Row

This standing chest supported row has independent arms and adjustability everywhere! 

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Incline Chest Fly

Most incline chest fly machines on the market don’t allow you to perform a true incline chest fly! The arms of our machine are angled up to target your upper chest. As opposed to others that are essentially a flat fly on an incline bench. With our heim joints on the handles, it allows you to rotate your grip slightly in or out for the perfect squeeze!

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Raw Flat Press

One of our newest machine launches! Need a chest press machine that requires minimal space? Look no further!

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ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row
Lat Slapper
BiTri Bar
Swole Seat


ECON Series | Standing Row

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"... so as far as @rawmotiveworks goes first and foremost their customer service is absolutely second to none, family owned and operated and you can tell they appreciate their clients and love what they do..."

Owner of Lubischer's Burn & Blast Training

"The members are really loving this piece! Nothing but positive feedback.

Owner of Armbrust Pro Gym
Owner of Flex Fitness