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Customer Feedback

"... so as far as @rawmotiveworks goes first and foremost their customer service is absolutely second to none, family owned and operated and you can tell they appreciate their clients and love what they do..."

Owner of Lubischer's Burn & Blast Training

"The members are really loving this piece! Nothing but positive feedback.

Owner of Armbrust Pro Gym
Owner of Flex Fitness

RMW Death Row

Traditionally, T-Bar Rows are on a fixed movement path. Our swiveling handle keeps the unused grip out of the way for a full contraction. The pivoting handle allows freedom to target different parts of the back. 

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Standing ISO Row

This standing chest supported row has independent arms and adjustability everywhere! 

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Incline Chest Fly

Most incline chest fly machines on the market don’t allow you to perform a true incline chest fly! The arms of our machine are angled up to target your upper chest. As opposed to others that are essentially a flat fly on an incline bench. With our heim joints on the handles, it allows you to rotate your grip slightly in or out for the perfect squeeze!

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RMW Flat Press

One of our newest machine launches! Need a chest press machine that requires minimal space? Look no further!

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Current Lead Time

As of January 22, 2022

Our current lead time for a one (1) machine order is approximately 6 to 9 weeks.

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