Warranty Information

Effective: January 01, 2021

Information listed is subject to requirements, exclusions and limitations are stated below. Time frame is based on date of product receipt. Raw Motive Works LLC's solution shall be to repair or replace defective parts. Raw Motive Works LLC reserves the right to void your warranty under various circumstances.

  • Scratched and Worn Paint Or Powder Coat - Not Warrantied
  • Bearings, Pop Pins, Bumpers, Heim Joints, & Caps - Six (6) Months
    • If you encounter an issue with your product during use, our team requires customers to provide photos, videos, and information on the issue within three to five (3-5) days of discovery, no more than six (6) months after receipt of equipment.  (After this time frame, there are limited resources to help resolve your issue.) If no photos, videos, and proper information are provided within time frame listed, we will be unable to assist you. This means we will not be able to provide you with replacement parts. Your prompt response will allow our team to help you quickly and efficiently. 
  • Upholstery - Three (3) Months
    • Damaged upholstery pad must be sent back to Raw Motive Works LLC for replacement.
  • Structural Steel & Welds - Three (3) Years
    • Photos, videos, and proper informations is needed upon discovery.

    Void Of Raw Motive Works LLC Obligations

    • Any modifications made to products will void and release obligations from Raw Motive Works LLC. Modifications include but are not limited to removing parts that were originally part of the equipment, adding additional parts, removing branding, and not replacing warning labels.
    • All products with foot plates must be anchored down to ensure strength and stability of the product. If equipment is in use without being anchored, this will void all obligations from Raw Motive Works LLC. 
    • If products are purchased from alternative source outside of RawMotiveWorks.com.
    • If product was purchased as used or pre-owned from alternative source, not Raw Motive Works LLC.

    Exclusions & Limitations

    • Raw Motive Works LLC warranty is only valid for products purchased and paid in full directly to Raw Motive Works LLC, directly purchased from our website, RawMotiveWorks.com.
    • Warranty applies only to original purchaser and is not transferable under any circumstance.
    • Under no circumstances will Raw Motive Works LLC be liable of any warranty or damages to any property or persons. This includes but is not limited to losses, damages, or expenses in connection with any of our products. 
    • This warranty is limited to the repairs and replacement of defective components that are manufactured by Raw Motive Works LLC. All repairs or replacements will be at Raw Motive Works LLC's discression and all products are sold with this understanding.
    • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This includes but is not limited to upholstery, bearings, heim joints, powder coat, and other components. 
    • This warranty does not cover damages that are not a direct result of manufacturing defect; which includes inadequate maintenance, improper assembly, or improper installation of parts and components that were not manufactured or provided by Raw Motive Works LLC.
    • This warranty does not cover any shipping damages. Please see Shipping Policy for further details.

    Additional Information

    Please read our Terms of Service for further information pertaining to your orders and usage of our website. Raw Motive Works LLC reserves the right to change our policies and prices at any point on our site without notice. As a user and customer, you are agreeing to these terms by using our site and purchasing from our company. The most up-to-date information and policies will take precedence.

    In the event that any provision of these policies are determined to be unlawful, void, or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and the unenforceable portion shall be deemed to be severed from these policies, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.

    Please review all of our policies, including but not limited to our Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, and Terms of Service Policy.

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