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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the current lead time? 

   Our current lead time is approximately 18 to 21 weeks. Multiple machine orders will have longer lead times.

(This does not include shipping. Shipping typically takes a few days. If you purchase on October 02, 2021 your machine is expected to be ready for shipment February 04, 2022 to February 25, 2022. Our team will reach out to you if there are any delays. The time frame provided is not guaranteed, and may take longer than expected.)

 Date Product Was Ordered Lead Time 
June 09 - June 22
13 - 14 weeks + few days for shipping
June 23 - June 29
12 - 13 weeks + few days for shipping
June 30 - July 11
11 - 12 weeks + few days for shipping
July 12 - July 25
16 - 18 weeks + few days for shipping
July 26 - August 01
13 - 14 weeks + few days for shipping
August 02 - August 13
11 - 13 weeks + few days for shipping
August 14 - August 20
12 - 14 weeks + few days for shipping
August 21 - August 29 21 - 23 weeks + few days for shipping
August 30 - September 07 27 - 29 weeks + few days for shipping
September 08 - October 01 20 - 23 weeks + few days for shipping
October 02 - Until Further Notice 18 - 21 weeks + few days for shipping


Last Updated On October 01, 2021

2. Do machines come assembled? 

   Our machines are typically fully / partially assembled on a pallet. If assembly is needed, our team will provide a basic manual once your order has shipped. 

3. Who do I need to contact for custom machine colors or multiple (3+) machine orders? 

   Please contact us at for any questions. 

4. What do I do if I want to cancel my order? 

   Cancellation must be completed within 24 hours of order placement. Please contact us at with your order number and cancellation request. After 24 hours, our team will not accept any cancellation requests.

5. Does RMW LLC accept any custom machine orders? 

   We are not accepting any custom machine requests. We will provide an update on our website and social media accounts if/when we begin doing so. 

   If you are looking to add band pegs, etc. to our current product(s), please reach out to our team.

6. What is "with Carrier Insurance" for shipping?

    Carrier shipping insurance is an additional coverage that can be purchased at an additional cost. When scheduling your shipment, if you have purchased carrier shipping insurance through our website, we will add this coverage to your shipment through the carrier. Your shipment value that is insured is the total cost of your order. The carrier insurance fee you are paying is ONLY the insurance policy and DOES NOT include the deductible if any of these issues occur. The deductible will vary, and in some cases will be a minimum of $500.  (This may vary depending on carrier, number of shipments, total shipment value, etc.) 

Typically carriers have freight claims for these cases but may not have coverage for each scenario. Carrier shipment insurance claims typically pay out in a few weeks, where freight claims can take months. If issues occur, please contact the carrier immediately, as well as our team. Although Raw Motive Works LLC is not liable for these issues, our team will assist as needed. 

The carrier shipping insurance is similar to car insurance. You are purchasing a shipping insurance policy on your shipment incase it is damaged, or lost during transit. All shipping costs paid to Raw Motive Works LLC are nonrefundable, including the cost of carrier shipping insurance.

7. Do you provide any payment plan options?

   Yes, we do provide a payment plan. We will personalize a payment plan that works for you. All installment payments on an order must be complete prior to an order being released for shipment. Please email our team for more information.

8. What kind of warranty is there on the products I purchase?

   Please view our Warranty Information.

9. What is your Refund / Return Policy?

   Please view our Refund Policy.

10. Are products ready to ship or are they built as ordered?

    All products are built as they are ordered.