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How To Properly Use Products

Please read disclaimers, warning labels, and watch our demonstration videos below / on our YouTube Channel prior to use of products. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team.

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All of our videos on YouTube are governed, by us, under the same policies we have available on our website. 


Plate Loaded Machines

Click Here For The Over-Drive Demo Videos 

Click Here For Mega Curl Demo Videos 

Click Here For Delt-O-Max Demo Videos 

Click Here For Standing Lateral Raise Demo Videos 


Click Here For Pendulum Squat Demo Videos 


Click Here For Incline Chest Fly Demo Videos

Click Here For Standing ISO Row Demo Videos

 Click Here For Hip Thrust Demo Videos

Click Here For Belt Squat Demo Videos

Click Here For Lateral Pulldown Demo Videos

Click Here For Bent Over Row Demo Videos




Handle / Cable Attachments  

Click Here For Lat Slapper Demo Videos 

Click Here For Not-A-Rope & Not-A-Rope With Stop Demo Videos 


Click Here For Pulldown / Row Cable Attachment Demo Videos 

Click Here For BiTri Bar With & Without Knurling Demo Videos 

Click Here For Do-All Demo Videos 

Click Here For "The Grip" With & Without Knurling Demo Videos 


Click Here For "The Brick"  Demo Videos 

Click Here For The Neutral-yzer  Demo Videos 

Click Here For "The Pipe"  Demo Videos 

Click Here For RMW 30 Degree Angle Handle Demo Videos 

Click Here For RMW Neutral Grip Handle Demo Videos 

 Click Here For "The Hammer-er" With & Without Knurling Demo Videos 






Contact physician prior to use of any and all products. Use products with caution. Prior to each use of product(s), check all bolts, welds, pop pins, stops, and product(s) stability and integrity. Do not use products for unintended purposes. Only add weights to weight pegs/sleeves. DO NOT ADD WEIGHT TO ANY OTHER PART OF PRODUCT(S). DO NOT USE WEIGHT SLEEVE EXTENDERS. If there are issues with the product(s), be sure to inform the gym employees, or management at your gym. If the product(s) is for personal use, please reach out to our team if there is a manufacturing issue. ALL MANUFACTURING ISSUES ARE REQUIRED TO BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY AND IN A TIMELY MANNER. DO NOT ALLOW FURTHER USE UPON DISCOVERY OF ISSUE. REMOVE PRODUCT FROM GYM FLOOR, OR ENSURE MEMBERS ARE UNABLE TO USE MACHINE UNTIL ISSUE IS RESOLVED. THIS IS AT THE GYM'S RESPONSIBILITY. 

Raw Motive Works is not liable for improper care of equipment. All customers receive information on proper maintenance / care of product(s), if applicable. Please keep record of all maintenance performed on product(s) for your record, and in an unexpected case where this information will be required. Take photographs of product(s) when necessary. Maintenance records should have the following informations, such as but not limited to; date and time maintenance was performed, if there were any replacement parts as well as photographs of the replacement, checklist of verification that bolts/nuts were tightened, welds were inspected, overall safety check of product(s), etc. 

The demo videos shown above / on our Youtube Channel are the recommended and proper technique(s) while utilizing specific products, as listed. Only perform movements on product(s) as shown above in the demo videos / on our Youtube Channel. Any other movement / technique used is not approved by Raw Motive Works. DO NOT PERFORM MOVEMENTS ON/WITH PRODUCT(S) THAT ARE NOT SHOWN ABOVE / ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Raw Motive Works, Raw Motive Works LLC, our employees, executives, managers, etc. do not assume any liability for our product(s). Each person using our product(s) assumes all liabilities and injuries prior to use. If you are not comfortable with this, please DO NOT USE our product(s). Ensure that you are knowledgable of how to use our product(s) before performing exercise.

If you have a question or concern about our products, be sure to contact our team. Either through our email at or through our Contact Us Page

Ensure that warning label(s) is legible on product. Replace warning label as needed. If warning label is missing, please reach out to our team. We will provide a new warning label at no cost. Raw Motive Works is not liable or responsible for any statements or recommendations for use of products. Any and all statements are not to replace your own judgement and knowledge to make proper decisions.

Ensure to contact our team with any and all questions. By purchasing or using our products, you are agreeing and understand that products may vary. All products with foot plates must be anchored down to ensure stability and integrity.