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We have been very eager for this machine release for quite some time. The Delt-O-Max, like all of our previous designs, came to life from an idea, to pencil sketch, to CAD rendering, to prototype. We have never seen a seated chest supported PLATE LOADED rear delt machine.

The chest pad angle, weight curve, and movement path are all tailored to isolating and activating only the rear deltoid, and we must say that we nailed it on this one. If you are someone who has trouble activating your rear delts with the traditional exercises, give this machine a try, as its design effortlessly isolates the rear delts. The adjustable seat height, and self adjusting pivoting handles makes the machine perfect for any height/size.  

Now we know what you’re thinking, “just use a Pec Deck!” So now imagine, when you’re on the Pec Deck facing backwards for rear delts, think about how wide that chest pad is and how most of them put you face to face with a piece of steel tubing. This makes the movement very limiting. The chest pad width limits your shoulder mobility and the frame tubing prevents you from leaning/stretching over top of the pad. Our machine positions you above everything so you have plenty of room to move properly. Another difference is the chest pad angle, ours has more angle than most Pec Decks, leaning you forward to prevent the back muscles from assisting too much. 

(We have been made aware that there are/is plate loaded versions, just none we have seen in person and used.)

Benefits & Details of our Delt-O-Max :

  • Ability to load 45 lb plates on machine, if needed. 
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Knurled 1.25" diameter handles
  • Neutral and pronated grip options
  • Stainless steel weight sleeves
  • Machine dimensions is approximately 43" x 37" x 48" (L x W x H)
  • Wing span during use 68" MAX
  • Self adjusting pivoting knurled handles 


 Product is MADE TO ORDER; meaning manufacturing for product begins once order is placed based off customer's specifications (color selection, etc.).


Demo Video of Proper Machine Use:

All demo videos are available on our Youtube Channel! Click Here!

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