ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row
ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row
ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row
ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row
ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row

ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row

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We wanted to continue changing the gym / fitness equipment industry and recognize that not everyone may want all the bells and whistles we have for our main line of equipment. Our ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row is for those who are interested in our Bent Over Row, but would like it at a more affordable price. To do so, we have eliminated the adjustments, stainless, etc. Of course, if you are looking for all the "luxuries" for a new purchase, check out our Bent Over Row!


Benefits & Details of our ECON SERIES | Bent Over Row:

  • Base line for Bent Over Row with still a great movement path. 
  • Ability to add stainless or knurled handles at an additional cost.
  • Weight sleeves powder coated unless stainless option is chosen. 
  • Great position for a bent over row that will not have members taking up squat racks.
  • Arcing movement path allows for optimal stretching of the lats.
  • Able to be used for Stiff - Leg Deadlifts (SLDs) and Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs). 
  • Dimensions are approximately 5' x 33" x 43" (L x W x H)
  • Steel Diamond Plate
  • Approximately 8.5" of loadable space on each weight peg.


What is our ECON SERIES?

The problem with inexpensive gym / fitness equipment is it typically never works as well as it should, if at all. Also, it is almost never made in the USA. We are now offering a line of American Made equipment that won’t break the bank, but will function properly. A “base model” so to speak. We have stripped the adjustments and “luxuries”, etc. to provide the most affordable version of our equipment.

Still great angles, weight curves, and movement paths. No extra fluff.


Demo Video of Proper Machine Use:

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